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Allison Baker is an Associate Professor of Fine Art- Sculpture in the Herron School of Art at Indiana University Indianapolis.  Allison is a first-generation college student that earned her MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. 


Her forthcoming body of work and monumental public sculptures memorialize the complexities of late-stage capitalism, illuminating the aspirations and struggles of the American working class and working poor. Allison seeks to build monuments that challenge dominant narratives, humanize the ripple effects of poverty, and create work that the American working class and working poor can see as a reflection of their own experiences in gallery and museum spaces where their existence is seldom represented holistically. 


Allison has exhibited widely nationally and internationally including the CICA Museum, Spartanburg Art Museum, Hashimoto Contemporary, and Franconia Sculpture Park where her largest public sculpture is currently exhibited. 

Allison is also an avid motorcycle rider*, plant enthusiast, and momma to a cupcake of a pitbull and three former trash cats. 

*1979 Kawasaki LTD 400 and Royal Enfield Hunter 350 for anyone that cares ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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